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We Begin With The End In Mind

Every asset has a lifecycle. Acquisition, hold period and eventually there comes a time to sell. When it comes time to liquidate long-held assets, Keep Your Wealth Sales Solutions specializes in guiding sellers through the sales process in the most time and cost efficient manner possible. 

Protecting Profits

Selling real estate, a business, professional practice or other capital asset without proper advance planning can be hazardous to a seller's bottom line. Taxes, closing costs, commissions, inspections and reports, legal fees and so on all reduce net profit.

Taxes alone can easily gobble up as much as 30-50% or more of a sellers profit. Without advance planning the combined capital gains tax may be even higher than the current 20% federal capital gains tax rate, state rate and the additional 3.8% Net Investment Income Surtax brought on by the Affordable Care Act. Without a well-crafted tax strategy in place, the tax bill post-sale could amount to a significantly larger portion of a seller's profits being needlessly given up.

Setting Clear Expectations 

Preparation is the key. We begin with a thorough review of our seller's situation to craft a comprehensive roadmap that enables our sellers to proceed knowing what to expect throughout the process and a clear vision of what their outcome will be.

Our highest priority is to empower our sellers with the knowledge and resources they need to reach their goals. Our services include real estate sales, tax planning, exit strategy planning, wealth management, insurance, financial and retirement planning. 

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