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Knowing your tax liability before you list your asset for sale, provides you with the opportunity to pre-plan your exit with your profits intact as much as possible.

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There are many roads to the same end, and thus, there are a multitude of options available to sellers for managing their tax exposure upon sale. The Keep Your Wealth team offers a wide array of tools and resources to enable sellers to determine their best option for achieving their financial goals.

Our tax calculator will help you estimate your capital gains tax exposure and the net proceeds from the sale of your asset. With your numbers in hand, you’ll be able to assess the various planning approaches to see which opportunity brings you closest to your goals.

If you would like a free personal review of options and strategies that may be suitable for your particular needs and goals, please request a free consultation in the field below.

Property You Are Selling

Assumed Sale Price: $

Selling Expenses at:

Total Selling Expenses:

Net Sales Proceeds:

Cost Basis: $

Cost of Improvements: $

Depreciation Taken To Date: $

Net Adjusted Basis:

Taxable Gain:

Total Gain Subject to Capital Gains Tax:

Federal Tax Calculation

Taxable Gain:

Federal Capital Gains Tax Due:

State Tax Calculation

State Tax Due:

Net Investment Income Tax

Taxable Amount:

Tax Rate: 3.8%

Added Tax:

Projected Federal & State Tax Due

Depreciation Recapture (25%):

Projected Federal & State Tax Due:

Mortgage Payoff: $

Proceeds Without Tax Planning

Net Before-Tax Profit:

Net After-Tax Profit at Close of Escrow:

Percentage of Profit Going To Tax:

This calculator is for informational and educational purposes only. You should consult with your tax and/or legal professional to confirm your true financial liability and to evaluate your individual circumstances. The tax related information provided here should not be construed as tax, legal or financial advice specific to your situation and should not be relied upon in making any business, legal, tax or other financial decision. A proper evaluation of the benefits and risks associated with a particular transaction often requires advice from a competent tax, legal and/or financial advisor familiar with your specific transaction, circumstances, objectives and the relevant facts. We strongly urge you to involve your tax, legal and financial advisor (or to seek such advice) in any real estate or business related transaction.

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