We Are Exit-Strategy Specialists!

Founded in 2015 with a singular focus:

To help sellers keep their wealth in their pocket! 

Who We Are:

The Keep Your Wealth Sales Solution team has come together to help sellers facilitate the sales process using a synergistic approach. We are a blend of solution-oriented financial services professionals whose focus is to help our clients achieve their goals in the most time and cost efficient manner possible. Our goal is to help orchestrate the many moving parts involved with a major move in a collaborative manner. 

How Are We Different:

The selling process begins long before the open market knows the property, business, collection or other asset is for sale. Our approach is to first decide on the optimal end result, and thus, we begin with the end in mind. From there, we engineer a plan to get our clients to their goal as smoothly and efficiently as possible while suffering the least amount of stress through the process.

By focusing on the end - from the beginning - we can craft the best strategy or set of strategies to insure we reach the goal in mind.

Our Why:

We have learned from both working with clients as well as our own personal financial journeys that advance tax planning can provide some of the best return on investment there is. The tax component of asset sales is worth very careful consideration and with proper advanced planning sellers can experience a dramatically different long-term outcome.

Who Are Our Clients:

Our clients are owners of highly-appreciated, low basis assets who have come to a crossroads in their lives and are exploring the possibility of selling their long-held asset(s).

Where We're Located:

We are based out of Northern California. We work with clients and their advisors locally, nationally and in some cases internationally.

What To Do Next:

Consultations are free of charge. If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area we can meet in person. Otherwise, we provide one-on-one phone consultations or conference call capabilities to include your current advisors or other Keep Your Wealth team members that you may be working with.

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